Safety instructions and fire alarm training

To ensure safety in our Institute the Committee of Safety in the workplace (ASS) and the Council have agreed a new procedure.

Instead of a single safety instruction day once a year, we will offer ten days - for both, new and long term staff. This year there will be nine opportunities to participate in the safety instruction classes. Classes will be monthly, excepting August (holidays) and December (year end activities). There will thus be numerous opportunities for you to take part, which the ASA and the Council hopes, will bring about a high level of participation. Furthermore, there will be several fire alarm rehearsals, for which we hope also for a high participation level. Attendance will be documented, and the list of participants will be passed on to the Secretaries, the Research Group Leaders and Mr. Dizayee.

Please find a list with dates offered, with a request to attend a safety instruction class and a fire alarm training once a year. By that means, you will contribute to the overall safety at the Institute.

Cumpulsory events

Monthly safety instructions

Every 2nd Tuesday per month at 10 am in the right seminar room (0.79):
13. January 2015
10. February 2015
10. March 2015
14. April 2015
12.May 2015
14. Juli 2015
8. September
13. October 2015
10. November 2015

Safety Day
9. June 2015, 10 am, in the Eigen lecture hall

Fire fighter training

In each case at 10 am and 1.30 pm behind the institute (gravel ground):
20. May 2015
25. June 2015
16. July 2015
24. September 2015
15. October 2015

Fire alarm

Am Faßberg: 39th calendar week
Bunsenstraße: tba

Additional events

First Aid training

The first aid training will take place in May 2015. You will be informed about the concrete date 2 weeks in advance.

Defi training

The Defi training will take place in June 2015. You will be informed about the concrete date 2 weeks in advance.