Team members

Team in fall 2012 (from left to right): Johannes Blaschke, Artur Wachtel, Martin Rohloff, Jürgen Vollmer, Bernhard Altaner, Jan-Hendrik Trösemeier, Mitja Kleider

Team Members

Bernhard Altaner

PhD student

Nonequilibrium statistical physics of granular gases

Jakob de Maeyer

Master's student

Laura Stricker



Lazlo Matyas 2004     MultiBaker Maps for Shear and Heat Transport (with T. Tél)
Attila Gergely Vegh 2004 Vortices in Daphnia Swarms
Christoph Lange 2005 Simulation of Daphnia Swarming
Tobias M. Schneider 2005 Vortex-Streak Interaction in Turbulent Pipe Flow (with B. Eckhardt)
Frank Dettenrieder 2006 Onset of Convection in the Phase Separation of Binary Mixtures
Ponnaganti Pavan Kumar 2008 DNS of Turbulent Flow
Andrew Scullion 2008 Hanginig Dew Droplets (Data Analysis)
Lukas Katthän 2009 Network Representations of Non-Equilibrium Steady States
Diego Fregolente Mendes de Oliveira 2009 Fermi acceleration in a time-dependent Lorentz gas
Johannes Blaschke 2010 Formation and Evolution of Breath Figures
Mitja Kleider 2010 Thrombus Formation at Wall Irregularities: A Minimal Model with Chaotic Advection Model
Christian Marschler 2010 A Coupled Map Lattice Mimicking Turbulent Puffs and Slugs
Franziska Glaßmeier 2010 A Billiard Model for Wet Granular Matter
Artur Wachtel 2010 Nonlinear Response of Water Flux Through a Soil Column
Eren Durkal 2010 Temperature Distributions in the Mpemba Effect
Heiko Engelke 2011 Convection and the Mpemba Effect
Hannes Hornischer 2011 A Simple Computational Model for Flow Through Soil
Izabella Benczik 2011 Coagulation and Growth in Phase Separating Liquids
Mitja Kleider 2011 Implementation of a Simulation Package for Wet Granular Matter
Thomas Frerix 2011 Notions of Entropy and Entropy Production in Non-Equilibrium Systems
Ariane Papke 2011 Droplet Growth in Rain Formation
Jan-Hendrik Trösemeier 2011 Stability Analysis for Convection and Nucleation in the Phase Separation of Binary Mixtures
Elisabeth Heynes 2011 Demixing of Binary Mixtures
Tobias Lapp 2011 Evolution of Droplet Distributions in Hydrodynamic Systems (with B. Hof)
Mitja Kleider 2011 Implementation of a Simulation Package for Wet Granular Matter
Ilenia Battiato 2012 Flow Through Granular Piles
Jan-Hendrik Trösemeier 2012 Statistical Physics of Small Granular Systems with Hysteretic Interactions
Mitja Kleider 2012 A Minimal Model for the Liquid-Gas-Coexistence in Wet Granular Matter: Implementation, Verification, and Characterization
Darcy Jacobson 2013 Size Distribution of Rain Droplets
Julian Vogel 2013 The Effect of Stirring and Time-Dependent Driving on the Formation of Precipitation
Gunnar Klös 2013 Evolution of the Size Distribution of Droplets on a String
Artur Wachtel 2014  
Johannes Blaschke 2014 Formation and evolution of breath figures (M.Sc. Projekt),
Liquefaction and solidification of wet granulates
Philipp Dönges 2014  
Marcel Ernst 2014  
Martin Rohloff 2015