Jürgen Vollmer

Principles of Self Organisation

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Group leader

Our research area is the Statistical Physics of Transport Processes and Self-Organization.

On the one hand, we strive for a fundamental understanding of these processes by analyzing classes of representative model systems that can be treated analytically. Work in this direction concerned the modeling of transport processes by means of dynamical systems (with Tamás Tél), and dynamical systems models for the life-time of turbulent puffs (with Bruno Eckhardt).

On the other hand, we augment this approach by modeling representative experimental findings. Some contributions of this type addressed phase transitions in amphiphilic systems (with Doris Vollmer and Reinhard Strey), the kinetics of phase separation (with Michael Cates), and the role of noise in epitactic growth (with Joachim Krug). Since I joined the DCF at the MPI DS in April 2007 I also started to work on the dynamics of wet granular matter (with Stephan Herminghaus).

More information on our current research activities can be found at the public wiki pages of the PoSO group.